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FeIjoada, Moqueca, Empanada, Bacalhao, Picanha – Brazilian cuisine is a real Carnival on a plate. Every bit as colourful as you’d expect, it’s a loud and lively mix of Portuguese, African and homegrown influences with lots of fresh meat and fish and root veg like cassava and yams, and tropical fruits.

Brazil’s big fave dish is probably Feijoada, a hot and hearty stew made with pork and beef and black turtle beans then usually served with rice, greens and fried banana or cassava. Another cracker is Moqueca, a fabulous fish stew made with coconut milk, coriander, tomatoes, onions and other ingredients that just blend beautifully. In fact, the ingredients in most Brazilian dishes blend so evocatively you can almost imagine the cook doing a Samba during the stirring. Feel free to do one yourself when you order from a takeaway near you via the Just Eat app.

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