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Arepas, Ajiaco, Sancocho, Empanadas – there’s much more to Colombian food than simply its world-famous coffee. Unlike some of its neighbouring cuisines, Colombian food isn’t spicy at all, but it is still rich, exciting and full of colour. Colombia is one-third covered with Amazonian rainforest and two-thirds covered with tasty food.

Sancocho is a hearty stew of fish, beef, potatoes, yucca or whatever takes the kitchen’s fancy. Empanadas are perfect little patties stuffed with all kinds of fabulous fillings – rice, cheese, chicken, potatoes, beans, you name it. And should you crave a long list of ingredients combined together, there’s the awesome Bandeja Paisa – a mega-meal, crammed with meat, rice, plantain, corn cakes, avocado, minced meat, chorizo, black sausage and pork with a fried egg on top. Take a deep breath and see what you can order for delivery from a takeaway near you via your Just Eat app.