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Lemon & Sugar Crêpe, Honey & Banana Crêpe, Spinach & Mushroom Crêpe – no matter how similar they are, a pancake just doesn’t quite sound as posh as a French Crêpe. They may be simple but a Crêpe is always a treat for the tastebuds. Sweet or savoury, a Crêpe can be enjoyed on its own or with whatever takes your fancy. And it’s the added fancy that has captured the imagination of the world.

A Crêpe works wonderfully with a multitude of toppings and fillings. Sweet Crêpes are fabulous with lemon juice, syrup, whipped cream, ice cream, chocolate sauce and every kind of jam and fruit. Savoury Crêpes are wonderful with cheese, ham, spinach, eggs, mushroom, ratatouille, peanut butter and countless combination that really shouldn’t work but somehow really do. But don’t waste time making them, simply order via the Just Eat app for delivery to give you maximum time to enjoy them. You can't top it.