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Smørrebrød, Pølser, Frikadeller – there’s more to Danish food than just the fabulously flaky pastries they’re world famous for. The rest of Danish Cuisine may not enjoy the same level of global love but there’s plenty to get excited about.

A good place to start is the Danish word ‘hygge’ (pronounced ‘hooga’) which roughly translates as 'cosiness'. Danish food definitely has a warm and cosy feel about it. Take Smørrebrød, for example, basically a tasty open sandwich on dark rye bread. The Danes will happily eat it for breakfast, lunch or dinner with some fish or meat, a little sauce and some fresh veggies and herbs. Or Fiskefrikadeller – fish cakes mixed with lemon juice, onions, dill and parsley. Or Mørbradbøffer – pork tenderloin fried in lots of butter and marinated with heavy cream. They’re all typically Danish and totally cosy. And here's an idea: why not stay cosy yourself, and order from a takeaway near you via the Just Eat app.