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Kubba, Dolma, Kofta, Mehshi, Kouzy – Kurdish cuisine is every bit as tasty as you could hope for from a cuisine with the word ‘dish’ in its name. As you might expect, it includes many dishes that are heavily influenced by the foods that its Middle Eastern and Eastern-European neighbours enjoy. But it also has plenty of uniquely Kurdish foods and flavours to get excited about.

Much Kurdish Cuisine is based around Lamb, Chicken and vegetables that are slow-cooked in rich sauces, mixed with herbs and served with rice. Typical Kurdish faves include Dolma (delicious vegetable-stuffed vine leaves), Kofta (sensational stuffed meatballs) and Lamb or Chicken Kouzy (a succulent steam-roasted feast served with soup, salad and flatbread). If you’re lucky you can order some of these tasty dishes from somewhere you, via the Just Eat app.

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