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Kubbeh, Fatteh, Shawarma, Mahshi – Syrian food has long been one of the Middle East’s most-loved cuisines. It’s a rich and varied mix of Southern Mediterranean, Greek and Southwest Asian dishes with a little Turkish and French thrown in, too. Expect lots of lamb, garlic, zucchini, rice, chickpeas, fava beans, vine leaves, tomatoes, cucumbers, olive oil, pistachios, honey and too many other fresh and healthy ingredients to list.

A big fave is Shawarma, the irresistibly juicy kebab of your dreams. And Kubbeh – a variety of succulent minced lamb and bulgur wheat. Then there’s Fatteh, a crispy pitta bread feast of chickpeas in a garlic and Tahina yoghurt sauce. Not to mention the always-fancied Falafel and those multi-dish Mezze feasts. And now they've been mentioned, you’re salivating, right? So time to order from somewhere near you, via the Just Eat app.

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